Fast, reliable and confidential

About you and us

The context

You are looking for information about a BVI registered company. You probably expected an official searchable online system where you can look up the company you are looking for, select the documents you need, complete the payment and download them.

However it doesn't work like that in the BVI as searches have to be performed manually at the Registry of Corporate Affairs.

You are busy and you need this to be done in a quick and reliable manner and we are are to help you with that.

How we deliver

We are a team of Road Town based information experts specialized in retrieving documents from the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission. Our main area of expertise is the Registry of Corporate Affairs division where business entities are registered. In order to use the documents in International Courts we also work with several BVI Notary Public, the Deputy Governor's Office, Civil Registry and High Court to Notarize and Apostille the retrieved documents.

We are part of a strong global information services company serving more than 18,000 customers in 140 countries so you can be sure your request will be delivered promptly.

Our values

Transparency is one of our core values so we show samples of all the documents available for BVI companies along with descriptions of each field. As many people are looking for directors and shareholders information we also like to explain why this information is not usually available. We deliver exactly the documents requested, just straight to the point. Any other general meta-information is shown at our website.

Privacy and confidentiality are features required by many of the businessmen who incorporate companies in the BVI. But our clients requesting information about those companies also require confidentiality. That's why you can order documents from us using only your email address and even without it (private requests)

Speed is our third but not less important value. Our clients are high-profile individuals, attorneys, financial institutions, consulting firms and government bodies without a minute to lose so all of our requests are treated urgent. We deliver as fast as possible, always.